Live Dates...

  • Friday, February 1st at @ Garrison, Toronto; Ontario Indie Music Archive launch, with Jay Douglas & the All-Stars, the Highest Order, Lido Pimienta, and Liz Worth. Five ($5) bucks. Bring a friend. :)

Treat Me Like Dirt..

Saucer Personnel...

  • 01: Edgar Breau:
    Founding member and primary singer/songwriter/guitarist for this lengendary band. Edgar is one of those original people who bought the VU/Nico album and went off to start a band. Die-hard family man, visionary, virtuoso, and all-around genius.
  • 02: Kevin Christoff:
    Original member and bass player. Soft-spoken, thoughtful, and genteel, Kevin is the yin to Edgar's yang. Being primary back-up vocalist and groove-digger for this band, he is the Saucer's never-faltering co-pilot. Kevin's bottom line is the bottom line. Enough said.
  • Colina Phillips
    Love goddess supreme vocalist Colina brings EXCITEMENT to the stage member of the most legendary THE GIRLS Toronto super session singers you can find her on recordings by Bryan Adams, Bruce Cockburn, Alice Cooper.Show Stopping Vocalist, synth artist, percussion princess with The Saucer
  • Mike Trebilcock
    Mike has a storied past which includes fronting the great Killjoys. A renaissance man for sure, studio whiz, A-list songwriter, sound track artist for theatrical Night of the Living Dead playing guitar, singing and manipulating the Skull theremin with Simply Saucer.

@ the Garrison, Toronto (Wavelength) Feb 2011

  • Simply Saucer at the Garrison 3
    A few photos taken by Greg Bennett during our performance for Wavelength Eleven at the Garrison in Toronto.

NXNE 2009

  • HPIM3053
    Some photos from our 2AM appearance at NXNE 2009 in Toronto. We'd like to thank Emira B, for staying to watch the show and for taking these pictures!

Saucer Live at Westside Theatre, April 2008

  • WestsideKC_Edgar1
    Here are some photos of the Saucer performing live at the Westside Theatre in Hamilton ON. This show was in support of the well-received and critically acclaimed new album by the band, 'Half Human, Half Live'. This performance marks the first time the new lineup played their epic 'Clearly Invisble' before an audience. These pics were taken by Edgar's companion, Fran. Thanks, Fran! Hamilton Place Studio Theatre, November 2007

  • Imgp5616
    These photos were taken at the Hamilton Place Studio Theatre on 17 November, 2007. We played ahead of Teenage Head, to a packed room. Thank you's to Steve's wife, Sarah, for sharing the images with us.

..more from the Studio Theatre gig

  • Img_2739 are a few more photos from Saucer's performance at Hamilton Place Studio Theatre. Images appear courtesy of Ellen.

Saucer Live in the Studio, June 2007

  • Simply Saucer
    ...while we were working at Catherine North Studio [also known as 'the Church'], recording material for our new album, 'Half Human / Half Live', we decided it would be fun to set up an evening show on the stage in there and invite a bunch of people down for a live recording. Some of it indeed is included on the new CD. [thanks to Reg for sharing the photos]

Saucer in NYC, October 2007

  • Edgar and Steve
    ...a benefit show for WFMU-fm, at Southpaw in Brooklyn NY. Thanks to Oneida, Alan Vega, and Old Time Relijun for sharing the stage and being so kind, and to the staff at the club who were more than generous. The Saucer's first US show was great time for us, and we are happy to support independent radio! Apparently the station has a recording of the show, so bug them for it...

Saucer Studio Sessions, May 2007

  • Joe and somebody's forefather
    We had three days in the studio to get started on the framework of Saucer's new album. Coincidentally, the sessions took place over the first long weekend since the weather got nice. ..ugh. Thankfully, and perhaps significantly, Dan-O and Duke at the studio had just had a beer fridge installed in the kitchen downstairs. Not that we noticed, of course... We got quite a bit of work done.

Saucer in Toronto, April 2007

  • Edgar
    Simply Saucer's first show outside of Hamilton in 30 years took place over two nights in Toronto. Ciao Edie's is a very cool place with a loungey vibe and and a trippy atmosphere. DanZen provided the tech-psych-o-delic lightshow. The night was a lot of fun, and it was Steve's first gig with us. ...oh, and it was Friday the 13th. [thanks to DanZen for sharing the photos]

Gary Pig Gold's Archives

  • Pigpaper3front
    Gary's association with Simply Saucer dates back to the mid-1970s, when, as a fanzine publisher / promoter / general scenester in the Toronto area, he began this ongoing collection of Simply Saucer archive materials. His links to all known Saucer-related web materials are also available elsewhere on this site. ..thanks, Gary! ...more to come...